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Male Silkies

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Other male silkies

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Wanting to do a comic! Commission/Partnership

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 4, 2014, 2:35 PM
I want a comic, that much is sure. It will most likely involve dragons or other fantasy creatures and their human/anthro forms. Magic and such will be in it. 

I don't have any set characters or plot (Because it depends on who I commission it from or if someone wants to do it for free with me).

I will do most of the writing and sketch out the panels, they will be read like an american comic, not a manga.  I might also do a chapter by chapter literature to go along with it. 

If you are willing to do a partnership with me: Note me your characters,ideas, etc.

If you want to be PAID, Note me your prices and etc. I can pay in POINTS or Paypal.

If you are interested please fill out this form and NOTE it to me.

Comic experience: (Yes/no and examples if yes)
Art skills: (Links of fantasy creatures, humanoid form,etc)
Writing skills: (Links to literature)
Do you charge or will this be a partnership?: (Prices or say partnership)
Other things I should know: 


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[Resource]Silky Dating/Friend Service and RP list!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 30, 2014, 10:16 AM
Brief info. 

This is a journal for Silky Dragons, a closed species by AGloriousComeback. Don't make one without her permission. Don't trace crap or steal it. We WILL know.

Group for silkies is :iconsilky-dragons:
Owner of species is AGloriousComeback 

Some silkies need dates, let's face it, many of them need some help.

I'll get all the silkies who aren't dating and put them here.  Some may never date.


1.Follow All of AGC's Rules
2. DON'T make your own pair without the owner's consent!
3. Don't steal or copy or trace any bit of these works!
4. Feel free to ask me to RP!
5. If you don't want to be listed or want to be edited, feel free to ask!

Silky Master list

List of silkies owner on this page:

Elorathana- Shadow-Guardian0 
Izolda-  spike678567 
Lillium- Shadow-Guardian0 
Rylan - Shadow-Guardian0 
Killian - Shadow-Guardian0 
Reine - iMonox 
Aezael- Dragon-Lady-NFLD 
Syrin-  KitsuneFlame78 
Alida- Letiel 
Cadmus- Letiel 
Astral- lighteningfox 
Shadow Raven- Dragon-Lady-NFLD 
Jordan- dj-nightfury 
Thorvaldr- AsphyxiaCreations 

Silkies needing MALE mates:

Elorathana Ref by Shadow-Guardian0

Elora loves to care for things and nurse things. She goes "Mother Hen" on things.

Isolda Ref by spike678567
Izzy- Feisty, Sassy, and Domineering.

Lillium Ref by Shadow-Guardian0

Lillium is very playful, bouncy, friendly and childlike, she needs a complimenting mate or one that can match her with his personality.

Alida Reference by Letiel
Alida is dainty, hates dirt,  and loves to flirt.

My Silky Custom Shadow Raven By Agloriouscomeback by Dragon-Lady-NFLD
Shadow Raven- No info

Vera Temp ref by Shadow-Guardian0
Vera- Vera is a touchy dragon, she often is alone but enjoys the company of small groups, no more than 3 including her. She often thinks heavily on herself in a critical way and others. She can be sharp tonged and sharp witted, but she prefers to be quiet and in the background. 

Silkies that are looking for a FEMALE Mate:

Rylan ref by Shadow-Guardian0
Rylan is kind of cold and aggressive,intimidating from the outside, but is very caring on the outside, He just has a hard time showing it. He thinks he won't remarry (widower), but the right girl could melt his heart.
 Vennal Ref sheet by Shadow-Guardian0

Vennal is akward and socially inept, preferring his books and lightbulbs to most people and he has problems with his Electricity element. He is too akward for most girls to like him.

Cadmus Ref by Letiel
Cadmus loves to travel and haggle.

Astral by lighteningfox
Astral loves to fly, can be aloof, but can be depressed and agressive.

Silky Dragon: Thorvaldr by AsphyxiaCreations
Aloof, Pompous, and thinks hes the greatest/sexiest thing ever to walk the planet. (seriously vain)

Silkies that are looking for a MALE or FEMALE Mate:
Azazel the Silky by Dragon-Lady-NFLD

Azael -No info

Syrin by KitsuneFlame78
Syrin-  A bit stand-off, short temper, smiles like this >BI .

Jordan Sketch by dj-nightfury
Jordan-No info except the hair is dyed.

Silkies that are NOT FOR DATING!: (Never datable unless changed)

Killian polar silikie ref sheet by Shadow-Guardian0

He likes being Lazy and alone in that aspect. Doesn't mind a few friends though.

Silky Sona- Sarah by Shadow-Guardian0
Cause she's my sona. I'm not for internet dating. 'Nuff said.

RP List-

Feel free to add yourself (tell me) and say how you like to RP and if there's anything specific about your style.

@Shadow-guardian0- NO NSFW, gore is OKAY. Anything else goes unless stated.  Any character available for RP.

Friend List. I won't do pics on this part, just owner and silky name and a link(later) 

Elorathana- Shadow-Guardian0
Lillium- Shadow-Guardian0
Rylan - Shadow-Guardian0
Killian - Shadow-Guardian0
Ezeria-  Shadow-Guardian0
Eshan-  Shadow-Guardian0    
Grimm-  Shadow-Guardian0
Killian- Shadow-Guardian0 
Lenara-  Shadow-Guardian0
Reine- iMonox
Izolda- spike678567
Nexous- spike678567


Journal Skin by: HeatherSchoff

Journal History

Other accounts, friends, and other artists who inspire me

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My Art Status!

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Other Websites I fequent

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