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Other accounts, friends, and other artists who inspire me

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Talk Anime to me!

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My Dragon OCs

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Want a Cheap silky dragon?

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 1, 2014, 3:34 PM
These 4 ARE NOT FOR SALE, but look below for the info. These are MINE!Grimm Redone by Shadow-Guardian0
Killian polar silikie ref sheet by Shadow-Guardian0

Ezeria Ref by Shadow-Guardian0

Vennal 3 by Shadow-Guardian0

These 4 are a closed species by AGloriousComeback and she needs points for things, to Create Your Own silkie, it's JUST 400 points, only two slots left! Hurry!  CYO Silkies for CHEAPNeed points...
for premium and things...
offering create-your-own Silky Dragons for 400:points:
just join the group and show me your design and info before you post.
Buhaaghule Falkzii openopen


Journal Skin by: HeatherSchoff

Commissions Open!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 4, 2014, 5:24 PM
Half now half later or all now.
I may decline if I am to busy or cannot fulfill the request.
Gore is okay, no nudity or intimate things.

I accept points and the same amount in SB and GB for large orders.


1 Chapter 10 points

Being Human Ch. 1Being human
Ch. 1
   I grit my teeth and wondered if I was going to have a beak, as if I would have enough problems without not being able to chew my food. As I heard the pounding on the lab doors, the thought became light as a feather, floating freely from my mind and I raised the sword in my hand. As advanced as we were and I was using a medieval weapon, it would be harder to kill quickly and efficiently with such a crude weapon and...I stopped "Kill quickly and efficiently"?! I sounded like some Nazi Concentration Camp leader, I was a doctor, supposed to help and heal people, not cut them down with Excalibur, like I was King Arthur. 
    My thoughts were cut short as I snapped back to reality in time to see the door had been breached already by people, if you could still call them that, rushing in with similar weapons and opposite intentions. The nearest one was headed streamline right for me and I didn't have time

Lone wolf Ch. 1"Awooooooooo" Wolve's howls filled the night sky. It was a full moon and they were ready to hunt. A pack of seven wolves  yipped and barked to each other in anticipation of the hunt.  The pack alpha, a pure black,female, silver eyed, intelligent wolf,  barked a sharp bark and the rest quieted.  " A herd of elk is downwind of us and that is our prey tonight. We use attack plan  Echo, let's move." They started trotting after their leader and as she broke into a wolf stride, they did too. The leaders name was Solus and she had recently lost her mate to a hunter and became the Alpha in his stead.  Her Beta, second in command , was Niveus, a pure black, blue eyed male wolf about her age. He sometimes had a temper, but during a fight or hunt he was the best. Argentum was a mostly grey female with green eyes, a black paw and a lighter grey underbelly and icy blue eyes. She was mated to Ivarnus who was a dark and light grey, white , and had a tiny splotch of black

Another Normal Day in the Office Ch.1  I leaned back in my chair and put my feet up on the desk in a yawn, stretching my arms out,  only 5:27 A.M., but still not enough time to get these emails answered among other things. I glanced at my screen, still seeing the New Email notifications and decided to put it off for a while. I rubbed my chin, I forgot to shave again. Ah well, there are other, more important things to do. 
  I heard a repeated *click click click on the window and turned to see my White-Winged Crow, Salazar let himself in. He brought me a rolled up Go-Note, a smaller invention of the original Go-Glass of mine, and dropped it in my hand, "Thank you" told him as I read it"You didn't forget, did you- JM"? and I dropped the note, leaping up from the chair, I had indeed forgotten! Salazar jumped back from my flailing arms, grabbing at things as I made a verbal checklist, "Go-Notes, Jacket, Go-Glasses, I'm forgetting something, what"? My

Author Tag 50 points(Mine is Wolf, Moon, Aroura Borealis, and Forest)

Traditional fullcolor 100 points
[G.A.] Nero:How blood is made by Shadow-Guardian0

Flotter by Shadow-Guardian0
Carpathian wolf by Shadow-Guardian0

Pencil sketch 50 points
 Swimming dragon sketch by Shadow-Guardian0

lemur canine mix by Shadow-Guardian0

Fluffy dragon shark thing sketch by Shadow-Guardian0

Real Life art  500 Points

Pika Pole 2 by Shadow-Guardian0

Pika Pole one by Shadow-Guardian0

Digital Detailed 500 points

Ezeria Ref by Shadow-Guardian0

Lineart no shading 300 points

Water Dragon Lineart-Free to use! by Shadow-Guardian0

Non animated stamp 30 points

I proudly make stamps by Shadow-Guardian0

T shirts and gear stamp by Shadow-Guardian0

Animated stamp 50 points
Cake does not equal lie stamp by Shadow-Guardian0

I love milk and cookies stamp by Shadow-Guardian0

Ball-bounce-stamp by Shadow-Guardian0

Pyro-stamp by Shadow-Guardian0

This is a V-22 Osprey stamp by Shadow-Guardian0

Digital quick drawing 250 points
I thought I heard a FLY! by Shadow-Guardian0

Sorry Navi, Can't hear ya by Shadow-Guardian0

Support Singles Awareness Day by Shadow-Guardian0


Journal Skin by: HeatherSchoff

My Art Status!

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Would you want me to see a pic of me? 

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Stamps and badges!

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I finished the sketch for the fist row on our switch around meme :D
Shadow-Guardian0 Apr 10, 2014  Student General Artist
I'll upload mine soon
hey so you still want a dragon anthro right? do you want to have wings? and is it male or female? I'm just going to wip up a quick sketch for you, but i need to know those two things first ^^
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